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South Indian Beef Jerky  [Idiyirachi / Dried Meat]

Traditionally known in Kerala as Beef Idichathu,  Beef Idiyirachi or Unakka Irachi

[Different from American Style Beef Jerky]

Our Beef Jerky is made with the best quality raw meat (Halal) sourced from Brahmagiri Development Society, an establishment with a state of the art butchery and processing unit maintaining strict hygiene. After the meat is thoroughly cleaned and washed, they are chopped into small pieces in hygienic surroundings. The meat strips are later dried inside a smoke house at low temperatures in a controlled environment where all the water content and more than 90 percent of fat content are removed. The Meat is seasoned with salt to improve the flavour as well as to preserve the meat better. It is usually prepared using the recipe given in this page.


We undertake wholesale orders for Beef Jerky as well.

South Indian Beef Jerky [Idiyirachi / Dried Meat]

PriceFrom ₹399.00
  • Put the Jerky for about two minutes in Plain Water.
  • Break the Jerky into small pieces and crush it for approximately 2 seconds in a Mixer Grinder.
  • Chop Onions, Green Chillies and Garlic into small pieces and fry in Coconut Oil seasoned with Curry Leaves.
  • Remove the fried vegetables and fry the Jerky in the same Oil.
  • Mix both and serve hot. 
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