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Wayanad is towards the north of the Indian state Kerala, Known as The God's Own Country, shares borders with states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. As the name stands for, Wayanad (Vayal-Nadu) is the land of paddy fields, most of the plain landscape is occupied by vast expanses of paddy fields. In converse to these green mats are the mighty hills hooded with mist over most period of the year. Due to the rare terrain, there are east flowing and west flowing rivers. The Chilling climate is favorable for plantations like tea, coffee, pepper and cardamom while the valleys have a predominance of paddy fields. The agricultural land in this area is highly fertile as a result of a high  presence of both sunlight and rainfall. Wayanad, due to its extensive scope of agricultural farming, has been reported to be holding a position among the 18 real agricultural bio-diverse hot-spots situated in the world.

Wayanad Spice Valley

At Wayanad Spice Valley we are committed to deliver Organic Spices and other products handpicked from our farmlands to customer at a reliable price and the best Quality. Our ancestors have been cultivating Spices like pepper, Clove and Cardamon since they migrated  from Kingdom of Travancore to Malabar region during the British Empire. And our family has been trading and exporting spices for the last few decades.Now we are scaling up the venture to include products which are truly organic, renewable and friendly as result, we are introducing Bamboo Crafts, Beef Jerky also to our Customers. These days, we see a huge demand in the retail market for organic Wayanad spices, but the prices charged by vendors are not economical for online customers, this give us a thought to open an online store for potential customers. Nested with mountains of Western Ghats, covered with green Canopy Wayanad has always been apt place to spend vacations. To make this more spicy, the spices cultivated here has been pretty famous among foreigners since colonial periods .Want to know from where we collect Authentic Spices for you? Come over and experience with us how we grow and harvested. Nurtured with love and truly organic that's how we preserve our farmlands, from where we pick products. To make sure we deliver the finest Quality  to our customers we under go multiple cross-check during various stages from cropping to packing. We are more happy to sell a variety of Spices, Coffee , Wild Honey and Arrowroot powder at most economical price  to our customer's directly through our online store.


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